Flight Essentials

Happy Thursday, or shall I say almost Friyay! In honor of my upcoming trip to SoCal (TOMORROW!) to meet my two favorite Girl Bosses, Ashley of Candles & Confetti and Leisa of The Silver Loft, I created a "Flight Essentials" guide for all of you fellow travelers out there!

1. Striped Weekender 2. Pineapple iPhone Case 3. Glitter Water Bottle 4. Orbit Gum 5. Earphones 6. Portable Phone Charger 7. iPhone Cable 8. Teddy Grahams + Ritz Bits 9. Hand + Face Wipes 10. Eye Mask 11. Travel Blanket/Pillow 12. L'Occitane Hand Cream 13. Tory Burch Cosmetic Case 14. Hand Sanitizer 15. Facial Mist Spray 16. Oil Absorbing Papers 17. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm 18. Kate Spade iPad Hardcase 19. Coach Sunglasses 20. V-neck Tee 21. Cardigan 22. Distressed Skinny Jeans 23. Michael Kors Watch 24. Espadrilles

My flight essentials are grouped into these categories:

- I always carry a light jacket or cardigan no matter the weather or time of year, because more than likely it will get a tad bit chilly when your 10k + miles up in the air.
- Perhaps one of the most important things regarding your clothing is to wear comfortable clothes. Who wants to be stuck on a 7 hour flight (or a short flight for that matter) tugging/pulling/adjusting your clothing every 2 minutes. For me, my go-to flight outfit is usually a loose fitted tee and a pair of destroyed skinnies.
- It's also a good idea to wear tennis shoes or slip on shoes. If you're anything like me you'll more than likely be running to board your flight on time. Can't be falling on your face in front of all those people right?!

- This Striped Weekender is literally the perfect carry-on bag. It's so spacious! It has a snap closure so everything is secure inside. It also comes with a detachable crossbody strap so your arm isn't falling off after lugging it to your gate. I got it on sale a few weeks ago for less than $50! (Crazy, right?!) It's now back to regular price (still under $70, which is not bad at all for the size). But, you can get 20% off your first purchase if you sign up for emails!
- As far as carrying all of your beauty product necessities this cosmetic case is the perfect solution. It's just the right size for a few of your must-haves, and it's got pineapples on it which makes it a no-brainer! It's also lined which makes for easy clean up if any of the contents spill. (Score!)

- High altitudes tend to dry out your skin, so I always carry a few products to keep my skin hydrated. I'm obsessed with this hand cream, it has a light scent and makes your hands silky smooth without leaving that weird lotion residue.
- I got this lip balm as a sample (it was a beauty insider birthday gift from Sephora) and loved it so much that I had to purchase myself (again and again). It smells delicious and instantly heals chapped/dry lips. It contains only natural ingredients and even has a little bit of SPF in it.
- This facial mist is one of my favorite discoveries as far as flight products go. It's a pH balanced spray used to give your face a little instant hydration. Bonus is that it can also set your makeup and remove perspiration!

- Of course I can't go anywhere without my iPhone and a case since I drop my phone at least 5 times a day. I'm currently obsessing over this adorable pineapple case!
- Most of the time when I travel, unless I absolutely HAVE to I don't take my laptop with me. I always take my iPad since I can do virtually everything on it that I can my laptop. This case has a built in kickstand that makes it easier to watch a movie or surf the web and it's currently on sale too!
- And for watching those movies without disturbing those around you these earphones have a tangle free flat cable. 
-My phone or (iPad) usually runs out of battery at the most in-opportune time when I have no access to a plug-in so I always keep a travel charger + cord handy for a quick charge.

- Let's face it. Airplanes are full of germs. You can never use enough hand sanitizer, so I always, always carry a travel sized one with me everywhere I go.
- I always pack some gum and a wisp because 1. The person sitting next to you will appreciate that your breath doesn't smell like you drank 4 cups of coffee before you got on the plane 2. Chewing gum during take-off always keeps my ears from popping, which is incredibly annoying.
- I always pack these hand and face wipes because they are perfect for wiping off your hands (I'm the queen of making messes and spilling crap all over myself) and are gentle enough to use on your face. Who doesn't love a good 2-in-1 product?
- These blotting linens always come in handy before landing to wipe off any excess oil without messing up your makeup, that way you don't look like you just got off a 7 hour flight when you land.

- This super soft travel blanket doubles as a pillow when stored in the zippered case. (The case is made of the same super jersey knit material as the blanket!)
- You can't take a mid-flight nap without a good eye mask. This mask is made with a soft woven fabric and has an elastic insert for an adjustable and comfortable fit.

- I always opt to purchase a bottled water before I get on the plane. This glitter water bottle is the perfect size for travel, has a glitter sleeve (oh how I love glitter), prevents sweat, and absorbs shock to minimize damage from an inevitable drop.
- My snacks may or may not reflect the inner child in me. My go to snacks are always Teddy Grahams, Ritz Bitz, and Jolly Ranchers (don't judge me). No one wants to sit next to a grumpy hungry person.

You can shop all of my carry on essentials and outfit essentials in the widgets below!

Thanks for reading! I hope this gives you a little inspiration (or serves as a guide) when packing your own carry on! Feel free to comment telling me about your must haves while traveling, I'd love to hear from you all!



Tiered Top + Destroyed Denim

It's finally Friyay! The weekend is almost here and I'm bring you one of my favorite weekend outfits. Anytime I am going to do a little bit of walking around (shopping) I love creating a casual on-the-go chic look. You can achieve this by pairing a semi-dressy top with destroyed denim (whether it be jeans or shorts), and (of course) a pair of comfortable but stylish sandals.

Since I chose a tiered cami, I linked several adorable options you'll love in various colors located in the "Tiered Tanks" widget below. I have an on-going obsession with these Zara jeans, the specific jeans I am wearing are no longer available but you can find an almost identical pair here, and I'm totally loving this pair (and they are under $40!). If you choose to opt for shorts instead these destroyed boyfriend shorts here and here are super cute! As for comfortable, yet stylish shoes, I chose these classic patent Miller sandals. They are one of the few select sandals that I can wear (when I'm on my feet practically all day) without getting blisters.

My accessory inspiration for this look came from this FABULOUS moonstone beaded necklace from Candles & Confetti. I love teal, and I love it even more with purple and yellow. So, I felt it was practically made for this outfit. To coordinate with my necklace I chose purple, teal/aqua, gray/white, and lace agate bauble bangles from Candles & Confetti; aqua beaded bracelet and aqua tassel bracelet from Loves Affect; 4-sided pendant bracelet from The Silver Loft, and rose gold watch.

When I'm wearing an outfit that (with my jewelry) has so many pops of color, I always use a neutral handbag/clutch. The one I'm carrying came with my Louis Vuitton Damier Azure Neverfull MM bag. For less expensive options I'm obsessed (and literally just ordered) this all-in-one clutch and this clutch is extremely similar and is half the price.

Do you have a favorite pair of destroyed denim? I'd love to hear! I'm always looking for a new pair of destroyed jeans and/or shorts! Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed! Can't wait to hear about your favorite destroyed denim!

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OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: Oasis  | Destroyed Denim: Zara (similar here, obsessed with these) | Sandals: Tory Burch | Clutch: Louis Vuitton (similar here and here) | Bracelets: Candles & ConfettiThe Silver Loft, Loves Affect | Necklace: Candles & Confetti | Watch: Coach | Sunglasses: Coach | Nail Polish: Sephora


*all images © of Tiffany Stewart at Reflections Photography ||  Reflections Photography Facebook