Sole Serum

So, I know one would think that high heels would be the best friend of one who stands at 5'2" (okay, maybe just a tad bit shorter than 5'2"). But, they're all. In fact, I hardly ever wear heels, unless I count heeled boots/booties--and the only reason I am able to wear those is because (most of the time) I can wear a pair of socks with them. The truth is, my feet just can't take wearing heels for longer than a couple of hours (if even that) without literally feeling like they are going to fall off. Or at least that was the case until I discovered Sole Serum --or what I like to call, magic in a bottle.

If you haven't heard of Sole Serum it's a serum designed to target and relieve foot pain associated with oh so cute, but uncomfortable shoes. Sole Serum is a blend of lidocaine and natural, safe ingredients that block the foot's pain signals from reaching the brain and also helps to reduce inflammation. 

It's super easy to use too! You just apply 2-3 pumps per foot (I apply to my problem areas --my heel, the ball of my foot, and sides of my toes) and wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry. (I usually give it about 5 minutes just to make sure it's completely dry so I don't slip and slide everywhere, because I'm kind of clumsy regardless!) It only takes a few minutes after applying to start soothing those soles for the next couple of hours! And, Sole Serum is also sold in a travel size, making it the perfect purse (or even the smallest clutch) companion just in case you need to reapply or just need a quick fix on the go.

Have you tried Sole Serum? I'd love to hear what you thought about it! Or, if you haven't and you want to try it out you can purchase using the link below! (Trust me, your feet will love you!)

DETAILS: Sole Serum c/o | Sequin Hanger: Frou Frou Frill | Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff

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