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 Spring had sprung and with warmer weather comes bikinis, shorts, and flip flops. We all know what that means -- we can't get away with only shaving our legs once a week anymore. {I can't be the only one, right?! ;)} Lets face it, razor blades aren't cheap and if you're anything like me you go through razor blades twice as often during warmer months. It adds up, quickly! I've seen a few ads on TV and online for shave clubs and subscriptions and I've always dabbled in the idea of trying one out. But I didn't {mostly because they were primarily targeted for men} -- or at least I hadn't until Shave Society.

Shave Society is a shave club designed for women {men can totally use them too though}! When you sign up for a shave plan with Shave Society, you have the option of receiving shipments every 30, 60, or 90 days. In your first shipment you'll receive a FREE razor handle {choose from 4 different colors, you can see all four colors available in the photo above} and 4 cartridge refills for only $9! No shipping fees, sign up fees, or even cancellation fees -- ever! After your first shipment, you'll receive 4 cartridge refills in each shipment at the frequency of your choice. If you're a big supporter of all things made in the U.S., this will make you just as happy as it made me: the razor blades are made here in the U.S.! Each cartridge has 5 of those {stainless steel platinum coated cutting edge blades}, along with lubricating strips with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and a pivot head -- ensuring a clean, close, and smooth shave!

Let me just say, when I received my first shipment I was quite impressed. No. 1, I'm a sucker for cute packaging {especially when it includes pineapples}. No. 2, The razor handles are so pretty with the perfect grip -- it just feels really comfortable in your hand. Even though the razor cartridges themselves are plastic they are quality made. No. 3, They deliver a super smooth shave, even better than I expected. And that says a lot, since I'm extremely picky about my razors. Reason being, I have super sensitive skin. When it comes to shaving, I am prone to getting razor burn and/or shave bumps. There is nothing worse than the irritation that comes with that. Even after trying literally 10 different shaving cream/gels {and finally finding one that helped} I would still at least get a few razor bumps. Great news is, no razor burn or shave bumps with my Shave Society razor {even my bikini line}! I got two handles, just because I KNEW that my hubby would try to steal mine. I'm glad I did too, because he LOVES it as much as I do!

Bottom line -- you NEED this razor subscription. And I've teamed up with Shave Society to give you 75% off your first order when you use the code "kentuckycharmxoxo" when you checkout. This link will take you straight to the sign up page! That's 1 razor handle of your choice and 4 refill cartridges for less than $2.50!!! With your first month at such a steal, it just makes sense to try it out for yourself! I'd love to hear what you think, if you signed up to be a member of the #shavesquad, or what color handle you chose {I kind of loved all of them}!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week!

*This post was sponsored by Shave Society. All opinions are my own.

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